How long will it take to get my video

We know how excited you’ll be to see the finished videos and we don’t want to keep you waiting, but we do need to do some jiggery pokery in the background. So give us up to 3 working days to turn your masterpiece around.

What If I don't like my video

We hope this never happens as we’ll have asked you to supply all the information at the start to make sure it’s right first time, every time. We’ll only ever make a video based on the content, logo and links you provide.

Will you add It to my website

Sadly, we can’t do this as we don’t have access to your website, but if you ask the lovely people that manage your website I’m sure they won’t mind putting it on there for you. There may be a charge from your web manager for this but, hey it’ll be worth it.

What If I don't have a high resolution copy of my logo

Clearly, like you, we want your videos to look amazing and the only way this can happen is by having high res images in your videos. How about going back to your graphic designer and asking them to help you out here.

How will I receive my video

The days of carrier pigeon are gone! As you’ll have supplied an email address when ordering your videos we’ll send you a link to WeTransfer, which is a pretty cool way to send files up to 2GB and even better it’s free!

Can I revise my video once complete

We’ve made our buying process simple, so that you know exactly what you will get once you receive your video. If there is a genuine mistake in your video we will correct it. But as we build your video based on the one you choose, populated with your content; then unfortunately we cannot offer revisions. However, we want you to be happy, so please contact us and we’ll review each case accordingly.