Tell a Story
People will take an interest In a story don’t be overly salesy, The video should be about how you can help them not how great you are.

Make an impact at the beginning
a fifth of viewers click off a video within 10 seconds if they’re not interested in what they see. Keep the introduction informative and entertaining, so the viewer will watch the all of the video.

Don’t Be Boring
If you want your video marketing campaign to be successful, create exciting and inspiring videos that can’t be considered boring.

Make it Mobile Friendly
More and more people are using mobile devices to get online, Its very important that you make your videos mobile friendly, according to YouTube, mobile video will increase 100% every year!

Think About SEO
Google loves video content, well they do own Youtube! Effective video marketing campaign should have good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A video with good descriptions that is tagged with relevant keywords will help boost the video’s SEO.

Include Your URL in the Video
Have your website address in the video as its a good way for companies to get exposure and generate traffic to their website through a video.

Educate Your Audience
Videos that offer advice, information, hints and tips are more effective than just a sales promotional video.

Get your customers to talk about you
Putting your customers in front of the camera to talk about you and how they have used and benefited from your products a great way to engage viewers and appeal to new customers.

Include a Call to Action
Many people forget that a video is just another marketing tool and forget what they wan the viewer to do after watching, invite the viewer to take further action, such as signing up to a newsletter, or visiting a website, What do you want the viewer to do after watching?

Give away information
How to videos are a great way of incising clients into learning m,ore about what you could offer them, they shouldn’t give away all your secrets, but should be enough to entice the viewer with informative and useful content, leaving them wanting more.

Keep it Short
30-60 seconds is optimum, think about how much information an advert gets across! people have less and less time now days so don’t waste their time, they can always find out more if they are interested.

First impressions
With people searching for information about businesses on Youtube the first impression a potential new customer might get of you is your video so make it professional.

Use Videos to Help Create a Video Marketing campaign
Think about more than one video for your campaign, engaging clients in a series of short videos will keep them coming back to find out more.

Use social media to help promote your video
Instead of just going ahead and launching your video, build hype around the video by promoting its launch date on your website, blog and social media channels.

Embed a Video everywhere
Put it onto your landing page, youtube even a link from your email footer, what wouldn’t you, the more people see it the more they may share and the more new clients you might get.