If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth ten times that so if your not using video in your marketing campaign then you really should think about doing so in the future.

Word of mouth is key and video is a great way of getting out how good you are through your clients but not just in words on a page, but them saying it straight into the camera and into your potential clients eyes.

Once you start engaging your customers into the experience they will get from using you they will tell their contacts, or share the video, and so on and so on.

People consume information in a verity of different ways, be that visual, audio or text, so if your not engaging with all your customers on every level then you could be losing potential income.

Many marketers are now saying that at least 50% of your output to engage with customers new or old should be video. People love small snippets and longer formats, they love learning about a subject and seeing behind the scenes, they love hearing good stories and seeing people succeed.

Try for one month instead of writing blogs and stories about what your up too, post a video instead and see what sort of engagement you get, I bet it will amaze you.

But don’t forget that these video might be the first impression someone sees of your business, don’t make it jokey if that’s not you are your type of work, don’t come across unprofessional if your business is all about being professional, don’t cut corners on production if your all about the detail.

Remember though people don’t want to be sold at, they want to know why they should use you and the benefits to them not how great you are.

If you don’t give it a go then how do you know it won’t work?